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The Perfect Pint at the Red Cow Inn

The Red Cow Inn is located in one of Dublin's most iconic locations- at the Red Cow intersection off the M50. It is the perfect watering hole for those living or working in the area. It is also the first port of call for many when travelling to Dublin from all routes throughout Ireland and offers a wide variety of drinks and a varied steakhouse menu and daily carvery.

In 2016 the Red Cow Inn invested in a sophisticated new refrigeration system by EcoCool in order to ensure it consistently produces the 'Perfect Pint'! Along with the Guinness Storehouse, the Red Cow Inn is the only other outlet in Ireland, in fact in all of Europe, which now has this most rounded energy-efficient refrigeration system installed.

Each pint is now chilled directly under the counter to give optimum flavour for your preferred draught product and the EcoCool engineers have liaised closely with brewers to establish each individual product’s perfect serving temperature e.g. Guinness at 5°C, Carlsberg at 2.5°c and Heineken 0.5°C. New beer lines have also been installed to further enhance the beer flavour. Soft drinks and wines are also being chilled through the EcoCool Glycol system.

This new system has the added advantage of environmental benefits also. It encompasses refrigeration – the beer cold store, beer dispense chilling, food cold rooms, bottle cooling room, draught wine chilling and soft drinks dispense system and, in the future, the under counter display bottle coolers. It then finally recovers the waste heat from the refrigeration motors through its inbuilt brazed heat exchangers, using it to provide free hot water to the Red Cow Inn all day every day. In fact as a demonstration of the Red Cow Inn's commitment to combat global warming, another major reason for the investment in this system is that it has the lowest carbon footprint of all the beer chilling systems available on the market, reducing energy consumption dramatically, from anywhere between 40% to 60%, and significantly reducing pouring beer waste to approximately 0.5%.

“The object of this exercise,” says Business Development & Operations Director Tommy Moran, “and my dad Tom Moran’s original plan from the outset, was to have the very best draught beer offering possible available to Red Cow customers. The great pint the EcoCool system provides is well worth the investment, and the environmental and waste management benefits are an excellent bonus. Our customers are a discerning and appreciative group and we very much look forward to hearing how they enjoy the outcome of this new system"

Aside from the wide selection of beers available on tap, the Red Cow Inn also offers a choice of craft bottled beers and an extensive collection of Irish Whiskeys. A recent addition to the Red Cow Inn beverage offering, was the introduction of wines and prosecco on tap which has proven to be a popular choice particularly with our female clientale.

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The Red Cow Inn is renowned for its great pint but also for its welcoming and lively pub atmosphere which is achieved by having a combination of fun, friendly and efficient staff, regular live entertainment and the screening of popular sports across 5 TV screens making it the ideal venue to watch a sporting event and cheer on your team!

The Red Cow Inn may be one of Dublins most famous watering holes but it is also as well known for its food offering, serving breakfast, carvey lunch and a steakhouse dinner menu. For more information click here

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